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Convert WebMoney WMZ to BTC. Bitcoin change. Find the most effective Bitcoin worth.

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Sell Litecoin To Paypal Exchange

Sell Litecoin To Paypal Exchange
The choice of Litecoin depends essentially on the ease of its use. Since digital currency is not yet competent to make due on its own without using fiat cash, it is crucial to ensure a simple change of national currencies to Litecoin and vice versa. This being mentioned, we're talking about how to buy Litecoin using PayPal and convert Litecoins to USD, and how to sell Litecoin to Paypal.
What is Litecoin?
Litecoin is a centrally controlled online cash transaction made in October 2011. Litecoin can be used for administration purposes, such as site improvement. Litecoin provides a protected and simple route for sellers to identify cash. While there are no expenses to get facilities and no charge-backs. All exchanges are recorded in an open record known as the blockchain. So the facilities can be checked quickly. We have made an online help that gives Litecoin digital currency administration changes to advanced international currencies like PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Webmoney activation processes, other digital forms of money (altcoins) like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or money from debit cards. Simply here, you will fill your Litecoin wallet with the card prepaid vouchers.

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[Update] PortraitXI version 2.0

Hi everyone,
I am very proud to announce version 2.0.0 for PortraitXI. For those who do not know, PortraitXI is a unique tweak which brings portrait mode to single camera devices.
After gathering feedback from users who purchased the tweak, i have been working very hard to make the tweak feel more user friendly. I would like to say a big thanks to all those who sent me their portrait photos to use in my dataset.
Apart from bringing support for ios 13, v2 is huge rewrite with a better algorithm. It now replaces square menu because i could never add a new menu and make it work ( Who uses square mode anyways 🤷‍♂️).
Below is the full change log:
-Added support for ios 13
-Redesigned PortraitXI menu
-Native shutter processing UI
-Removed "initialising and saving image" popups
-Improved detection of pets/humans
-Smoother edge/detection and blur
-Increased accuracy of hair and irregular shapes segmentation
-Performance enhancement for iPhone 8/8+/X
-Full resolution photos are now supported
-Fixed 3d photo from PortraitXI not working in Facebook
-Reduced tweak size by 50%
-Fixed memory leaks
-Improved UI on iPads
-Added support for vertical mode camera UI
I would like to point out that this will not work with iPhone 11 UI tweaks since they are completely different in terms of UI. And i currently don't have any plans on integrating with it since it is very buggy, so please don't request for it.
To see images shot from the tweak, search for PortraitXI on twitter.
In case you want to unlock the full power of photography, i highly recommend to combine it with my depth control tweak Aperturize.
Here is a great example of a picture taken by u/Am1nCmd on iPhone 7+ using PortraitXI v2 and blur increased by editing with Aperturize:
Now many of must be wondering how much will it cost?
It is a free upgrade to everyone who already purchase the tweak before.
I also understand that many feel it is a very high priced tweak at $5 but i would like to point out that after paying Packix/Paypal fees, each transaction brings me $3.75. So i apologise for not being able to lower the price since it required more than half a year of research and development to bring this highly requested tweak to the community.
I hope you will understand the effort behind this and will support my work by purchasing the tweak and not pirating it.
For those who don't have paypal, i accept bitcoins and webmoney payments. In case you cannot use any payment at all, there will be giveaways on twitter, so watch out for that.
In case of any issues with the tweak, you can easily reach me on twitter or via email.
Can't wait to see what amazing pics you will come up with!!
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Account Withdrawal Verification

Account Withdrawal Verification
I have sold some games on the platform, and I have added my bank account, my bitcoin address, my webmoney account, and my skrill account(more on that later). It's been almost 2 months already and it's still stuck on "Verification in progress", where on the merchant settings it clearly states "Verification process may take UP to 3 days." 3 days have passed for sure nothing changed. I have contacted G2A at their support page(not their mail address) and I didn't really get a very clear answer other than:
" At the moment we are receiving a huge number of requests for verification, that's why time of verification can be prolonged. The verification time depends on the amount of similar verification requests, as well as on the position in the list for verification. Verification applications are processed according to the time when they were received."
Though why does this take even longer than expected? Can't we really get our money? It feels like I'll never get to withdraw my money.
As for Skrill, I pressed "Verify now" at the Skrill option in the receive payment page and I have paid 1$, but when the page redirected it was like nothing happened; it was asking me again to do the whole verification process, including trasfering 1$ again.
I sold some games in April. Now it's June, and I still can't get my money. Is that fair?
(I attached some screenshots as proof)
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02-28 08:04 - '**\[Limited Time\] Free Giveaways 180000 USD For Everybody At COVID-19 NCOV Event** / Hi all, / I represent an entity who are really controlling the planet Earth and it is much higher than any Governments you ever known...' by /u/SaviorClub removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 0-6min

[Limited Time] Free Giveaways 180000 USD For Everybody At COVID-19 NCOV Event
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Use your mind to judge this event, you just need to spend a little time & effort, but have a opportunity to receive a very high reward.
You can after easily convert your bitcoin into paypal, perfect money, webmoney or cash out via bank account, western union, money gram, etc.
Have Fun !
Best Regard, The Savior
Thank you for reading so much.
Context Link
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: SaviorClub
1: t*e*o***.*at*.b***/2020/02/02/free-20-*tc*bi**oin**0*00*-for-e*ery-perso*-to-com*at-*he-ne*-corona-v*rus-*c*** 2: thewor**.data.blog**020/02/**/free-20-*tc-*itc**n-*0*000-f***ever*-person**o*comba*-*h**new-co*on*-virus*n**v/ 3: *hewor*d.data*bl*g/*020*02/**/th*-real-dang**ous-of-the-nc*v-**-m*ch*more-*ha*-all-**e-media**ov**nme*ts-*r**tel*ing*you/ 4: t*ewo*ld.d******og/20***02/0*/free-20-*tc-bitcoin*20*000*for*eve*y-person*to*comba*-the-***-co**na-*irus-ncov* 5: f**ejo**aimoo.com/t**ic/Fre**20_BT*_B*tco**__200*00_*or_*very**ers**_To_C*mba*_The_*e*_C*ro*a_*irus*_nCOV_-7099*2-17*91-1%E*%*0%*B 6: *he*orl*.*a**.b*og/2020/*2/02*free-20-*tc-bi*coin-*00000-*or-*ver****rson*to-combat-the-n*w*cor**a-v**us*ncov/*^^* 7: *h*world*dat*.*log*2020/02/02/*r*e**0-btc-bi*c*in-2*0*00*f*r-*very*pers*n-*o-co**at-the-new-cor*n*-vi*u*-nco*/]^*1 8: the*o*l**dat*.*log/2020**2/*0/th**real-dang*rous*of-t**-nc*v-is-much-more*than-al**the**e*ia-*overn*ents-*re-tel**n*-yo*/*^*3 9: th*worl*.da*a.*log*2*20/02/02*free-*0-*tc-bitcoi*-**000*-for-e**r*-p*rson-t*-c*mb***the*n*w-co*on*-vi*us-ncov/]^*1 10: freejoy*a*moo.c*m*topic**r*e\*20\_BT**_***c*i*\_\_200**0*_Fo*\_*ve*y\_**rson\*T*\_Comb*t\_Th*\*New\_Cor*na**Virus\_\*n*O*\_-709942-17891-1​]**5 11: youbook.zyc/abc
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Arikado pool updates, other things and question

Steemit full post: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@sau412/arikado-pool-updates
1) Some minor updates
2) My variant of project reward estimation (I think it not very useful, but you can try): https://arikado.ru/boinc/boinc_calculator.php
3) Pool has 8 active users currently, URL still https://grc.arikado.ru/
Main question: What to do with pool next?
a) Add payouts in different currencies, e.g. other cryptos (bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum etc), or money (paypal, webmoney, may be others).
b) More information (exchange rate, etc), data export (I don't know what you can do with them), more graphs.
c) Two factor authorization, captchas and password recovery.
d) Try to do project suggestion - it could be advices (easier variant) or automated project changing for bigger rewards (harder variant).
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TIL that in Uzbekistan, 30 million population country, people stay in line to get their wages. Throughout few months I spoke with 10 different experts from Uzbekistan and here's what I found...

Their country have something like 30 or more banks. And their banking system until February 2016 and all those quantity of banks still haven't figured out how to provide people ability to send money from 1 city to other city within the country (Even with mPesa in Africa you can do this with mobile phone).
Their capital is called Tashkent (population 2 million) - its the only place where people can buy e-gold type of currency called webmoney (wmz) which is under Russian jurisdiction - these type of electronic money is being sold with 5% extra fee, because people who sell this "WMZ" (1 WMZ equivalent of 1 U.S. dollar) have to bring it from Moscow city (Russia), there is no official way of buying it inside of country.
Uzbekistan government is so oppressive, that they have banned the Skype, Play Market, WhatsApp (being banned by company called Beeline which is international company and huge shame to them).
Their Internet is a little bit cheaper in Tashkent, but all other 28 million people have to pay for their carrier plan 50 megabytes of the Internet-traffic would cost you $2.
The only messenger that works in Uzbekistan is Telegram. Since 2015 I'm developing a Telegram group there https://telegram.me/ru_bitcoin you can join it, most Uzbek people know English.
ATM machines in Uzbekistan take 10% fee even if you want to take your own money. People wait their salaries FOR MONTHS to be transferred from employer to employee between their banking accounts. That's why their families is always hungry.
Official government in Uzbekistan lie to everyone about their dollar rate (3000 UZS according to official rates), they blame black dollar market for their internal banking crisis. While the black dollar market (7000 UZS according to real street rate) is the only way for a citizen to acquire U.S. dollars (because you have to wait in line for 6 months to get dollars at 3000 UZS rate which is 2 times cheaper)
I have opened a forum topic at Russian Bitcoin forum where I asked Russian audience to take action towards Bitcoin adoption in Uzbekistan https://forum.bits.media/index.php?/topic/22678-razgovarival-ia-s-uzbekami-oni-khotiat-bitkoiny-no/ but these Russians seem very ignorant and not supportive at all, their moderation team is a shame (this forum also known as BTCsec it is run by a guy named Ivan Tikhonov) put my topic into the "off-topic" section (like its not important at all - also they are censoring almost everything) while they have all the payment tools to help Uzbek people to start trading.
I am myself spending almost all my spare time to figure out solutions.
Problems with salary could be solved through Bitcoin, because people could get their salary faster if payment could go P2P between their users through LocalBitcoins or through @BTC_CHANGE_BOT which is has the same functionality as LocalBitcoins, but much more economically reasonable, because Uzbek people always have small amount of very expensive bandwidth.
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wickr FlashWU Sell Credit Card - WU TransfeMoney Gram
Selling CCV - Fullz - BIN All Country Live + Fresh 2018
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Just paid $24 to transfer $121 in btc to a segwit wallet with all the promises of lower fees yet the preview for a transaction is just the same fees???

So I am out of pocket $24 dollars for nothing after that transfer.
I semi regularly want to make small fee transfers ($10 - 20) for some digital goods and it is becoming pointless now days, with fees substantially more than transaction cost, such that I would look to other coins except the sites only except bitcoin - russians with the other options being their weird systems like webmoney etc.
What am I missing here? I saw a youtube video which is dated between nov-dec 2017 (so very current) and he did a test transaction to one of his own accounts and it only cost him $0.28 in fees. Are they only lower if both parties are using segwit or do I need to change some settings to get them lower fees? or have I just wasted that money on a pointless transfer? If the former could you please woke me on what I should change in order to take advantage of lower fees on segwit wallet?
EDIT: oh sweet I just turned off dynamic fees (using electrum) and the fee was much more reasonable (~$5). So is it safe to keep that switched off? and if so how do I go about calculating fees myself. I am in no hurry most times for these lower transactions so don't mind waiting 24 hours for example maybe 48 or more if I planned ahead. I am aware of https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/ and have been looking at it today but I am not sure how low I can go and still get them through? as I don't understand the graph fully yet.
EDIT2: Ok that still sucks- trying to make a $10 tx the minimum fee I can input comes to $5 still and it won't let me do any lower since it gets rejected saying too low for mempool. I am still leagues away from these fees in the cents I keep reading about. What else do I have to do?
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Russia’s Cryptocurrency Investing Appetite Surges Despite the Bearish Market of 2018

The International crypto markets may have been on a bearish trend for the better part of 2018 but Russia’s appetite for digital assets increased. Crypto enthusiasts in Russia dominated the Localbitcoins P2P platform transactions placing the Rubble among the top fiat currencies exchanged for digital currencies. Furthermore, crypto acquisition platforms for Russian’s saw an increase over the course of 2018!
The Crypto Fever In Russia’s Population Crypto stake holders are hopeful 2019 will be different from the most bearish year in crypto history (2018). It is during these 12 months that we saw a good chunk of the market cap in crypto wiped out after a few bloodbaths. Bitcoin lost over 80% in value from its attractive high of $20,000 as 2017 came to an end. However, Olga Prokhorova, a team member in the International Financial Centre argues that this situation did not affect Russians appetite for digital assets.
In a recent interview, Prokhorova told the Federal Press that statistics gathered by researchers from Cambridge University indicated an increase in the number of verified users within the cryptocurrency web. According to these stats, users have increased to over 30 million causing the same effect on P2P exchange usage of platforms like Localbitcoins. The IFC team member added that financial reprieved countries like Venezuela have shown the most participation with other players like Russia joining this bandwagon.
Russia’s appetite for digital currencies has been on an uptrend over the course of 2018. Coin Dance provides stats to support this statement; Localbitcoins trading activity within Russia increased gradually to close the year at a high. Initially, the platform facilitated the trade of coins worth $10.6 million and closed the year with a weekly trade of $18 million.
Crypto Purchase Avenues In Russia With the growing options in crypto, one would not be surprised that Russians have several options when it comes to buying digital currencies. The country is friendly to a couple crypto exchanges whose services are trusted by the public so far. One can easily purchase Bitcoins or altcoins from Bitstamp, Bitfinex & Exmo while in Russia provided they meet the KYC requirements and fulfil transaction obligations. In addition, the crypto enthusiasts can access less popular coin platforms like Livecoin, C-cex & Hitbtc. Huobi also made a move into this potential market and has since incorporated a Russian oriented website for this purpose.
Alternatively, the crypto savvy individuals can leverage Webmoney to access crypto coins. The platform made efforts to enable the trade of fiat-crypto currencies for its clients. Its advantage is having direct links with banks that facilitate cashing out of the digital assets into one’s bank card. However, analysis show this approach might be costly owing to the high nature of exchange rates.
This growing popularity of crypto exchanges in Russia has pushed for tighter due diligence measures to protect consumers. At the moment, crypto traders are able to do background checks via ‘Best Change’, this platform is designed to provide Russians with information on legitimacy of exchange networks. Also, one is able to get the options available for fiat-crypto exchange through this website.
Another development that seems to have found way into the Russian market is cryptocurrency ATM’s. As of today, 20 of the country’s cities enjoy a good number of these machines although they mainly indulge in popular altcoins like the BTC, LTC, ETH & BCH. Some of the machines have enhanced capabilities to facilitate cryptocurrency sales at the same time. The latest product to launch in this market is a Russian BATM tracker, a concept whose fundamental value can only be revealed with time!
The final avenue for trading cryptocurrencies in Russia are Telegram bots. These have been programmed to support communication in Russian as well as connect potential sellers and buyers at a fee.
The article is from https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com
UEX official website:https://www.uex.com/index
UEX official international group: https://t.me/uex_en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UexComOfficial
UEX customer service:https://uex.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=52234
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SegWit 2x for on December 28: Scam?

I've stumbled across this link (I can't put the actual link, AutoModerator removes it, google for b2x segwit if you want it)
Note: this seems to be NOT the origianl Segwit 2x, but see this comment from me about "name stealing".
Now I'm trying to figure out if this is a scam or not with some arguments for and against.
Launching December 28th.
The website looks quite professional with lots of translations and promise.
There is definitely open-source code (with some changes as recently as 5 days ago)
Added X11 mining and DGW (Dark Gravity Wave DAA from Dash?):
There is definitely a premine of 2 million coins (doesn't seem to stop people usually from speculating)
And a lot of promises on the page like zk-snarks.
Reported by CoinTelegraph, The Merkle and huge Russian newspaper lenta.ru and some others are publishing the news too.
Like BCH it also has Bitcoin name, bigger blocks (4MB + SegWit) and DAA (not sure about RBF). Also X11 means no fighting for hash rate (as I understand, some Baikal miners can mine it, sold out, so I guess mostly GPU mining).
Doesn't seem to have any of original followers of SegWit 2x, but lists a lot of exchanges, incl. YoBit, HitBTC, also WebMoney for some reason (an electronic non-crypto currency in Russia) and FreeWallet (isn't that a known scam that steals people money?)
Frankly even as a person who has a lot of understanding of Bitcoin - it's quite confusing to me. It has almost all advantages of BCH (yes, it doesn't follow Satoshi's vision, but most people won't care about that).. It has dark sides and positive sides..
A lot of people who have money and transactions stuck right now might see it as a "cool faster Bitcoin"..
There is some small discussion on BitcoinScamCoins, which implies that LinkedIn profiles are fake.
I'd call that scam, but as a developer - there is a lot of added code and it seems to be real code. At least there is value in that. Also the features added are quite nice (big blocks, DAA)..
In the Russian article on lenta.ru the authors claim (via Google Translate): "According to Fork organizers, 85 percent of the hash (that is, computing power) is on their side." (That also tilts the scale to "scam" side, because with X11 mining - there couldn't be hash power on their side.. all this hash power is mining other coins now)
Again, Automoderator removed my first message (visible thanks to public mod logs of btc), which also seems to signal scam.. If somebody cared to add that rule - probably there was a considerable spam from this domain.
So, would it be valuable in the eyes of general public? Scam or useful and why? Higher than Bitcoin Gold in market cap? Thoughts?
(Personally I feel like everybody should stay away from this, but I have no strong arguments to support that - read the comments why I don't think using SegWit 2x name and pre-mine to be weak arguments)
The two stronger arguments that I see is: they lie about about 85% hash rate being on their side and they didn't clearly mark that they are not the "original" SegWit 2x even if they intend to do the same thing.
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List of Beermoney Sites and Apps

Hello! I have been lurking here at /beermoney for quite some time, and have posted a few times recently. I have learned so much here, that I have started a blog about it.
So that I can keep track of everything, I have begun trying to compile a list of most of the sites and apps that I am aware of, with short descriptions. I did not include some that I have not heard enough about to be sure they are legitimate or worthwhile. I have an Android phone, so nothing iPhone only. I have left out sites that are only PTC (Paid-To-Click). I have also not included secret shoppemission apps, sites that pay you to write, and "crowdlabor" sites like Mechanical Turk, as I consider all of these a bit more like little jobs than beermoney tools. Nothing against them, they just don't fit with this list. And finally, I am sure I have simply forgotten to list a few.
Anyway, I thought I should share this with everyone here. I only included ref links for the ones that I have really used, because there are some that I know about and wanted to list, but that I have no actual experience with (yet) -- did not think it would be right to ask people to sign up under me for things I do not even do myself.
I plan to add to this list as time goes on, and my next plan is to put together some standard information about each item, like how much you need to earn to get paid out, an estimate of what you can make in a week/month, etc. I would love to hear suggestions for useful statistics and things!
And, of course, I would certainly not mind if people have any suggestions for apps, websites, or whole categories that should be added. Or what else they think should be covered on a blog about this sort of thing.
EDIT 1/25/2015: Added countries and referral bonuses where I could. Still missing some information. EDIT 1/26/2015: Added GrindaBuck and LootPalace, recommended by clke EDIT 1/29/2015: Added Payout information -- I did my best, but not every service is clear on all of their pay options, so please let me know if you see anything wrong.


Get Paid To (GPT) sites


Watch Videos / TV

Paid Emails or Texts

Lockscreens (All mobile, obviously)

For more detailed information on these lockscreens check out Garwald's great post.

App Downloads and Videos (Mobile)

I did not yet write individual descriptions for these because they are all pretty much the same -- Watch a video about an app and get points. Download an app, run it for a few seconds, and get more points.

Shopping (Mobile)

Passive / Data Collecting


That is all I've got for now! Feedback is appreciated!
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SERENITY introduces a number of improvements to the project prior to the ICO

SERENITY has redesigned the website and made a number of improvements prior to the ICO
After the Pre-ICO (which ended on December 1st, 2017), the SERENITY team conducted an audit of the project, website, and marketing campaign and made a number of improvements and changes towards the project to make it easier for you to participate with our ecosystem.
Website redesign and the Exchange prototype
The design has undergone significant changes for convenient use. In addition to that, we’ve added the Serenity exchange prototype (https://serenity-financial.io/en#mvp). Serenity exchange will give our token holders the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency and currency in the most convenient way. Deposit/withdrawal process through Serenity Exchange will be carried out in any cryptocurrency and fiat money. Our platform users will also be able to invest in Crypto Fund performance indices. You can already see all the updates on our website.
The token price has decreased by 1000 times
Due to the recent Ethereum(ETH) price surge, the team has decided to reduce the price of Serenity token from 0.1 ETH to 0.0001 ETH. Serenity token Tiсker is SRNT. The smart contract has changed in connection with the change of the token price - the new contract is available here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xeb51df201213a067227115662ec3787b92956890.
All tokens purchased during the Pre-ICO and the Closed Round stages will be replaced with the new ones in the corresponding equivalent within three days of the news publication. $19 Million Hard cap
We have decided to keep our $19-million hard cap. This amount will allow us to implement the entire technical and legal part of the project in full and in a timely manner to serve you better.
Buy SRNT for cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat money!
Due to the frequent requests from our participants to buy the Serenity tokens in other ways than BTC or ETH, we have expanded the possibilities of payment. Now you can buy Serenity tokens in the US dollars, Euros, via Bank Wire, VISA / Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, and also exchange the existing cryptocurrency for Serenity tokens. A detailed description of how this can be done will be available in your Personal ICO Area when the ICO starts.
We remind you that during the ICO:
— Minimum purchase in ETH is 100 SRNT. — Minimum purchase in Bitcoin or EUR / USD is 500 SRNT. — If you exchange tokens/cryptocurrency of other ICOs for SRNT tokens, then the minimum purchase will be 5,000 SRNT tokens.
Do not forget! Serenity ICO will last from January 25th to March 7th
Throughout the ICO period, there will be discounts from 40% to 10% for the purchase of Serenity tokens. During the first week of ICO, the discount will be 40%. The discount will decrease every week by 5% so it’s better to participate in the ICO earlier to get a great deal on our platform. In the last week the discount will be 10%.
If you want to buy tokens with a 45% discount, you can participate in the closed round of token sales,which will last until January 24th. During the closed round the minimum purchase according to the new rate of tokens is 20,000 tokens, at a price of 1.1 ETH with a discount of 45% applied. To participate, apply through the Personal ICO Area. For details of participation email us at [email protected].
Sincerely, The Serenity Team
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Affiliate programs in OpenBazaar for returning customers?

When I worked on DigiSeller.ru (Russian WebMoney marketplace) many years ago, one of the biggest advantages they had it was their intelligent global affiliate flexibility, which meant that anyone could be sure that he will get his % from every purchase, which would make every good more viral, along with the platform itself.
In my personal customer area I could see how many people purchased through my links, and for what kind of goods exactly - it was completely transparent.
I think especially for network effect, this feature is very important. Fee paid for agents was voluntary and every market owner could set its own fees (if you want you can give away even 70% of your revenue to anyone who would wish & could advertise your "not very popular / not very liquid" type of market items) You could even set 0% of fee to agents by default for each good, but you will see that 99% of people will prefer setting as high fees as possible, because from their generousity it depends, whether anyone would enroll into advertising your goods at all.
One of the biggest points of success of Amazon company was their affiliate program (their top-manager even wrote a book about it) - a lots of African unemployed, low wage Internet surfers made huge network effect for Amazon Books, just because those poor people had their blogs and other ways to advertise.
One of the most important aspect of this - is "Cookies". With pseudo-anonymous types of payment/accounts like Bitcoin there is a problem - that if there is a possibility to change affiliate target links from agents for a favor to your own pocket, then people would cheat (Amazon Cookies too hard to change for a customers so they just purchased their books and sometimes maybe didn't even thought about it). Also when end-customer see, that it is affiliated link, then there's such distrust like "he shared this with me, because he earns". So its very important to make it difficult to see that someone giving you an affiliate link.
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Is there gonna be digital items on OpenBazaar?

In Russia we have very sophisticated DigiSeller.RU platform which has such an interface which has great UI and very flexible for many types of digital goods. I never seen anything like that in U.S. or worldwide, because probably digital market of goods isn't so developed there.
Digiseller.ru went to the road of censorship, because Russian government has strict rules towards de-anonymising stuff (and thereby violating user's privacy and forcing providers to store user information). But in the beginning everybody loved their interface, even though digital currency WebMoney through which digiseller opperated was highly bureaucratized.
It would be really nice if OpenBazaar could compete in such nische markets.
Main problem with selling digital goods is that most centralized solutions don't provide this flexibile features:
And that's it, nothing complicated is required to sell such type of stuff, while huge markets open, especially among gamers who're love to sell stuff like Counter Strike items, Maincraft accounts / etc
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Hashflare review reddit

Cloud services for mining appeared only a few years ago and became an effective tool for the production of crypto-currencies, significantly expanding the horizons of the technology application due to the possibility of remote lease of computing power without the need to personally monitor the equipment's operation, power supply and tuning.
One of the most popular services of this group today is HashFlare cloud mining, which is characterized not only by attractive cooperation conditions, but also by a high degree of reliability based on several years of honest and responsible work of the company on the market.
HashFlare cloud mining
Features of the service
At the heart of HashFlare's work is the remote provision of equipment for the mining of crypto-currencies based on cloud technologies. Users can choose between five options available tariff plans, differing in productivity, the cost of rent and the duration of the contracts. The standard is the deadline of the agreement in one year, but there are tariffs with an indefinite period of validity.
Of the five tariffs, two are designed to work with Bitcoin, and the remaining three are for Ethereum, DASH and ZEC. The terms of cooperation for each of them are individual, and due to the availability of an online calculator, it is possible to determine the degree of profitability of each contract concluded.
The service provides the ability to mine various crypto-currencies and manage the available pools, while the transfer of funds is possible in four available currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethertum, ZEC and DASH.
To date, HashFlare offers customers one of the most profitable pricing terms for purchasing capacity. On average, the cost of 10 MH / s costs $ 1.6 without discounting possible discounts. To get started, it's enough to invest only $ 1.2 in the project.
Customers can pay for the equipment they can rent not only using bank cards or crypto-currency purses, but also a traditional Webmoney purse, including a ruble account.
The existing partner program allows the clients of the service to receive 10% of the amount of commission received by the administration of the service from all new customers attracted by the user.
Advantages and disadvantages
For HashFlare is characterized by a whole range of benefits, among which are particularly noteworthy:
-Minimum cost of offered capacities; -Minimum entry thresholds; -The presence of automatic reinvestment of funds (only for Bitcoin); -The presence of several currencies for mining; -Wide choice of payment methods; -Extensive management capabilities
Among the shortcomings of the service, experts and users allocate a withdrawal of funds within two weeks after changing passwords or adding other wallets. In addition, the referral section does not always work correctly.
Based on the analyzed, I can say that HashFlare cloud mining is high-level mining, but whether to invest your money in it or no, it's up to you.
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r/BitRussia FAQ - ознакомительная информация о сети Bitcoin для новых пользователей

Нужно вывести битки на Сбербанк / Qiwi / WebMoney / Яндекс.Деньги. Как это сделать попроще?

Функция LocalBitcoins.com Telegram: @BTC_CHANGE_BOT PURSE.IO
Комиссия сервиса 1% без комиссии 0.1%
Комиссия трейдера 3% в срдн 3% в срдн 8% в срдн.
Регистрация 1-2 минуты не нужна 1-2 минуты
Пополнение сервиса 60 минут 5-10 минут 60 минут
Подтверждений при пополнении 3 подтверждения 1 подтверждение 3 подтверждения
Мобильный интерфейс отсутствует присутствует отсутствует
Окна заморозки при продаже BTC от 60 до 360 минут строго 30 минут 60 минут
Минимальный депозит трейдера 0.4 BTC любая сумма (ноль) любая сумма
Индикация доступности трейдера Иногда подводит Всегда работает! Трейдер узнаёт через сутки
CAPTCHA при входе Почти при каждом входе Не требуется Не требуется
Стабильность работы Сайт часто недоступен Без перебоев Без перебоев
Вывод биткойнов 60-300 секунд Моментально 30 минут
Поддержка систем Платёжные системы Платёжные системы Кредитки
Скорость покупки Много трейдеров, быстро Мало трейдеров, средне Несколько суток

Устаревшие популярные традиционные биржи

Как защитить свои средства?

  1. Использование HD адреса. Такие кошельки как CoPay, Mycelium, Blockchain.info, Jaxx, BreadWallet создают множество биткойн адресов на основе одного, главного, мастер адреса. Из одного вытекают все множество остальных, иерархия. Это дает удобство, т.к теперь достаточно знать всего один ключ! (состоящий из 12 слов) И в любое время, всегда, можно из него восстановить все свои адреса.
  2. Записать seed на бумагу. Seed - это как правило 12 английских слов, которые и являются вашим основном приватным ключём с помощью которого можно восстановить доступ к вашему кошельку: переводится как "зерно", "семя". Эта технология позволяет представить длинную цепочку из цифр и букв, а именно так выглядит ключ биткойна, в виде ряда простых слов. Что очень упрощает его запись, или запоминание. Это так же используется в мобильных кошельках.
  3. Технология мультиподписи. Это простой, и эффективный способ защититься от кражи биткойнов. На текущий момент поддерживается только в CoPay. Суть заключается в том, что для отправки транзакции, ее необходимо подтвердить двумя подписями. Например, один кошелек используем на смартфоне, другой на ноутбуке. Для того, чтоб украсть биткойны, придется получить доступ сразу к двум девайсам, что весьма сложно. Что может быть проще и надежнее этих методик для управления финансами? Золоту сложно конкурировать по этой части с биткойном.
*подробнее о мультиподписи читайте в статье БитНовостей
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Bitcoin is first of all currency for e-commerce. If you want Bitcoin to take over e-commerce, here's rules to follow

Taking over e-commerce with Bitcoin is pretty important, because - all of the infrastructure is almost 90% ready for Bitcoin to be implemented on any web-site to start accepting.
Here's few products which I believe truly represent e-commerce: 1. Everything virtual: such products as servers, web-hosting, or any kind of hosting 2. Everything Internet trusted shop which uses prepaid orders, including Amazon, eBay and many other Internet shops. 3. And other products for which you have trust anyway.
Concerning the trust for Internet shops (since they are too many), here's few ways: * Certification/Reputation centers for Bitcoin Web-Sites (I'm against waiting another 10 years to build decentralized reputation systems, even though I support the idea of course). E.g. if web-site cheats, it can lose its license. There could be purse based licenses - to help customer trust - e.g. if there is a button which says that particular Bitcoin wallet is responsible for funds which it receives, then the whole problem with trust disappears. * Central platforms where people can buy and sell any virtual goods for Bitcoins
And of course basic steps: * I believe its very important to encourage communities to reach global business with Bitcoin (friends, family and in any place where people talk about their Internet business plans). For example - if you have friend, who wants to start selling web-hosting, or dedicated servers, offer him to build his web-site from ground oriented for Bitcoin customer.
And last very important thought is making all the web-services (e-commerce) mono-currency oriented. I mean accepting only Bitcoin and nothing except for Bitcoin.
All good market players are good at selling their goods over the Credit Cards, but damn, how I tired from so many payment options on their web-site - how tired I am from jumping from page to page - from billing page to customer information editing - this is some sort of beaureaucracy! (In fact you have to do it each time you purchase something on Amazon, it gets especially harder if you're new user to Amazon or some other shop which requires all that fancy information like Billing Addresses)
Why I can't just pay with a single button from any web-site with a Bitcoin without being bothered about filling my address, and many many other initial information. Why can't I just pay and then fill all of those forms later and only if I want them to fill? Will someone hear me? We live in 21st century and I still haven't got such conveniences ;) (I don't count any sign ups/prefilled forms or whatever quick options they want to offer on eBay/Amazon/and stuff like that - I just that big button which instantly makes me purchase something - and I want to change my mind in case if I have to) What a cruel world.
My whole long topic was about e-commerce. There's just too much things that's interenet is missing right now concerning the payments and the web-sites where I can order stuff / virtual goods. So I hope that thanks to Bitcoin such things gonna be possible. And I've described only 1% of how we can change e-commerce with Bitcoin.
My dream - is having Bitcoin-only-accepting alternative for every web-site we're using right now. I demand it. Am I alone who wants such services? Everything you got used to pay for on the web, is not that hard to build. Maybe in the physical world you're facing problems replacing physical money with Bitcoins (even though we're trying to solve this problem too), but in the Internet e-commerce world at least, Bitcoin must be a king, right?
If you have any ideas which I missed here, you're welcome to comment about them, I read all the comments.
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Tutorial: How To Exchange Cryptocurrencies on WebMoney Make money with Bitcoin on the Deepweb PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, Webmoney account recharge ... Bitcoin, Perfect Money, WebMoney - Buy, Sell, Exchange, Cashout How to exchange Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH to PayPal, Skrill, Perfect Money, WM instantly.

Bitcoin is closer to cash - Any funds in your Bitcoin wallet are the result of a previous incoming transaction, exactly how any notes in your physical wallet are the result of previous real life transactions you've made (whether an ATM/bank withdrawal, or received as change at a store). Bitcoin tracks the output of each individual transaction ... Top up Bitcoin. Exchange BTC for WMX (1 BTC = 1000 WMX) Buy Bitcoin. for WMR, WMZ, ... USD (WMZ) EUR (WME) RUB (WMR) per 1000 mBTC. Advantages. Speed. Instant and secure transactions. Accessibility . The ability to quickly share the other title. Convenience. Pay at more than 100 000 online stores worldwide. Security. Service WebMoney Escrow for transactions protection, service WebMoney ... How selected exchange Bitcoin BTC to WebMoney WMZ. To change the exchange direction, use the left sidebar and do not forget to select currency type in the drop-down list. Specify an amount of exchange at the top of the table to see a calculated data for exchangers. Place the cursor at the numbers highlighted in red to see a reason for their highlighting. You can mark your favorite or untrusted ... Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin (BTC) The list below shows exchangers where you can exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin (BTC). The exchangers are sorted by the rate, with the best rates on the top. To select an exchanger, you may want to check its reserves and reviews. To exchange money, click on the exchanger you choose and go to its website. Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to WebMoney WMZ. The list below shows exchangers where you can exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to WebMoney WMZ. The exchangers are sorted by the rate, with the best rates on the top. To select an exchanger, you may want to check its reserves and reviews. To exchange money, click on the exchanger you choose and go to its website.

[index] [46532] [32346] [11001] [16247] [10867] [12104] [25417] [31710] [39139] [32370]

Tutorial: How To Exchange Cryptocurrencies on WebMoney

Convert WebMoney WMZ to BTC. Bitcoin exchange. Find the best Bitcoin price. - Duration: 1:13. Exchanger Monitor OKchanger 9,643 views. 1:13. Copy & Paste Videos and Earn $100 to $300 Per Day ... Web Money Registration Link: https://wallet.webmoney.ru Web Money Exchange Page: https://wmeng.exchanger.ru Music Address on Video: RetroVision - Cake [NCS R... Bitcoin / Litecoin / Ethereum exchange: http://ukash-wallet.com/ You can withdraw money from your Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum wallet at any time to PayPal... This is a promotion video for The Crew Shop on the Deep Web. Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Money Transfer Apple iPhones / Macbook, Hacking Service and more.. Credit Card with 2500$ balance for 250 ... In this video, we'll see the option of exchanging a couple of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin) on WebMoney. This is an alternative method of exchanging and it has some advantages ...