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Just a little bit history who is Daniel S. Friedberg

Today there was an article from some strange attorney lawyer which is discussed on both bitcoin subreddits. Here is the link who have not seen
The guy just brought some utterly strange FUD which doesn't make sense and contradicts with any legal rulings out there.
So was interested to check where he comes from. The first thing googled:
"But even Hoegner pales to one Daniel S. Friedberg, one of the true secret bad people behind the Excapsa facade. Friedberg was there from the very start, and his role in online poker matters follows a strange route indeed. Friedberg graduated along with Phil Hellmuth from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and seems to have served as Phil Hellmuth's personal attorney -- kind of an agent for Phil's interests, back when UB was born. Friedberg soon became Excapsa's general counsel, with all that involved, even relocating at one point to Toronto to help put a little real meat behind that otherwise-sham office.
Friedberg, though, is a Wisconsin/Seattle person, and these days he keeps about as low a profile as one could possibly imagine for a corporate attorney. No public Twitter or Facebook feeds for an attorney or his practice... really?
Friedberg can be found, however, at a small Seattle legal firm, Crest Law Group. Here's his corporate page, and what's so damned odd about is that all the personal highlights just stop in 2006. The final highlight, listed first on his official bio, is this:
Corporate counsel for $100 million IPO on the London Stock Exchange AIM (2006)
That's a reference to Excapsa's failed London Stock Exchange IPO, and after that, Friedberg's history -- or so he'd like the world to believe -- just goes dark.
And now, just a bit more of the story...."
Here is the full story
Interesting citation from the article above "The general shareholders screamed about the blatant conflict of interest, but to no avail." Reminded something :)
And here is a short review of what was the case about Excapsa Software and Ultimate Bet
Don't know who paid him to publish this BS, but definitely dirty games are out there.
TL;DR Daniel S. Friedberg who published recent article on legal consequences for hard fork followers was involved in cheating schemes at Excapsa Software and Ultimate Bet.
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“Most businesses in the Bitcoin world want to comply,” says Daniel Friedberg, an attorney with Seattle-based firm Graham & Dunn. Friedberg is helping companies get involved in the currency, th Servus, biete hier meinen schönen Ford Mercury Cougar zum kauf an. Der Wagen hat kein Rost und ist...,Ford Mercury Cougar XR7 1970 Oldtimer Musclecar -Bitcoin accepted in Baden-Württemberg - Weil der Stadt Bitcoin Legal Experts Join Seattle Firm. Two of the leading legal professionals in the Bitcoin industry have joined Seattle-based Riddell Williams to co-chair the Payments practice area and provide expert services to Bitcoin companies. Pictured below are Daniel Friedberg and Ryan Straus, who each have contributed to the emerging Bitcoin business ecosystem. Daniel Friedberg, a principal at law firm of Riddell Williams PS in Seattle, considers the legal implications of a hard fork. The Bitcoin community is seeing a rift over how to grow its blockchain block size, which would allow further scaling. Primarily, a hard Bitcoin fork might be illegal, and the developers may be ...

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