Mimex Bitcoin exchange has launched from the UK, deposits ...

Mimex Bitcoin exchange has launched from the UK, deposits via UK Faster Payments- up to £800 no verification through banking partners

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Mimex Bitcoin exchange has launched from the UK, deposits via UK Faster Payments- up to £800 no verification through banking partners

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Mimex bitcoin exchange has launched, no GST trading with domestic Australian transfers

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RE: Lobbying for bitcoin

The general opinion around here seems to be that we should not hire lobbyists, and that doing so is defeating the point of Bitcoin.
Either that or you get the even more moronic posts saying that they can't do anything to harm bitcoin.
These are incredibly short sighted views and I would advise against them, however they do seem to be popular here and on bitcointalk.
For the record, I look to bitcoin as becoming a major currency, like the dollar, and being very disruptive. My company is also working on a bitcoin exchange (Mimex) so we do have a vested interest in this.
What these views fail to take into account is that for bitcoin to reach its potential, we have to start by playing with the rules. The government may be doing incredibly immoral things however it still has power over you, they can close down your business or they can make it beyond difficult for your to purchase bitcoins.
Do you think people will bother, if you have to go through a thorough background check just to buy bitcoins? They will never get a large amount of adoption if the government puts enough hurdles in place - and that is something they can do without looking too bad or being compared to China too heavily.
MasterCard has some very heavy lobbying power, and they most likely will be trying very hard to get these hurdles in place. I feel that we need to start some sort of political fund which sponsors politicians and pays for lobbyists.
Of course, this is making a mess of democracy, but at this point we have no choice. The 120,000 readers of /bitcoin do not have a voice loud enough to counter anything - just see what the FCC is doing as an example. The vast majority of the internet is opposed to it, however TW and Comscast have good lobbyists.
If you want bitcoin to succeed like I do, you need to start taking it seriously. There are threats to bitcoin the currency, even if there are no threats to bitcoin the protocol.
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DunneCapital ( Mimex ) IPO on BitcoinBourse.eu

DunneCapital is currently working on Mimex, the first bitcoin exchange with direct access to the UK banking system. This provides a distinctive advantage to other companies, as transfers in the UK are instant – and free.
The exchange is approximately two months from launch, and is raising additional funding for development of core infrastructure. In order to do this an IPO is beginning today at 0.008btc per share, and shortly before launch a second IPO will be announced at a higher price, which shall be used to provide liquidity.
More information is available on the stock’s page. https://BitcoinBourse.eu
Symbol: DUN
DunneCapital Shares
Available Shares:
100,000 Total (One Hundred Thousand) 3,000 (Three Thousand) Investors 97,000 (Ninety-Seven Thousand) Company: DunneCapital LTD.
Dividend per Share : 0.001% Dividend payout : 15th of the month / for the last month
Investor Info: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=583262.0
Sign up on https://BitcoinBourse.eu to buy “DUN” shares
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The official subreddit for pitching all questions about the Mimex bitcoin exchange, and for sharing new about the company and its services. A bitcoin exchange launched from the UK on November 20th 2014 The site is currently English only. Currency pairs edit MIMEX supports the exchange between major A community dedicated to the discussion of Bitcoin based in the United Kingdom. jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users AskReddit-news-pics-funny-gaming-aww-worldnews-todayilearned-tifu-videos-mildlyinteresting-gifs-Showerthoughts-TwoXChromosomes-Jokes-science-OldSchoolCool-movies-personalfinance -books-sports-gadgets-nottheonion-LifeProTips ... Mimex FS LTD Bitcoin exchange w/access to local banking networks in UK, US, Canada and Australia. Working with financial software house to implement 50k tps matching engine. Stage Full Product Ready Industry Financial Services Location Plymouth, United Kingdom Currency GBP Founded February 2014 Employees 3 Website test.mimex.net; Company Summary We ready to offer a local service globally to ... MIMEX supports the exchange between major currency pairs, such as: BTC/GBP (British Pound) BTC/AUD (Australian Dollar) BTC/USD (US Dollar) BTC/SGD (Singapore Dollar) BTC/CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) BTC/NZD (New Zealand Dollar) BTC/CAD (Canadian Dollar) BTC/EUR (Euro) BTC/JPY (Japanese Yen) BTC/CHF (Swiss Franc) BTC/SEK (Swedish Krona) BTC/HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) Deposit options BTC. There is no ...

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